Vision Vision

Our vision is “Integrity, Innovation and Excellence”; the Tri-pillars of our group.

At TriGroup we are continuously guided by integrity, driven by innovation and reaching for excellence; with the aim of becoming to go-to name in the construction industry.


Mission Mission
Our Mission

Our mission is provide our clients with as full range of construction project needs from Engineering and materials, to execution and operation. By fostering our ingrown talent and continually exploring improved methods and processes, we at TriGroup are on a mission to ensure that our products and services exceed all benchmarks set by ourselves and our clients.

Customers Customers

Our services are extended to our clients upon engagement, and continue for a year following completion of the project through our specialized maintenance department which oversees the client’s needs and maintenance requirements.  
Among our principle goals is providing our customers with professional innovative and integrated solutions for all types of constructions and related and ancillary works with high quality results while observing our clients strict and tight schedules.   

Safety Safety

Safety is a value fundamental to our culture, and is therefore our top priority. We believe every accident, and therefore injury, is preventable with the proper technical and professional applications.  We dedicate extra time to intensive supervision and safety measures to achieve exceptional safety performance.Our standard safety precautions are discharged by 5 highly qualified safety officers within our safety department supervising our projects and warehouses, who report directly to the group manager, in addition to our weekly held safety measures meetings.  we proud that we have no single safety incident for the last four years

Environment Environment

We are environmentally conscientious  and are therefore committed to preserving the environment.  As part of our monthly routine, we hold  meetings to update our staff on latest information , means & equipments that help to maintain a clean and healthy environment both at our offices and at our work sites.   We strictly observe all environmental regulations to the maximum levels.