BetaExpansion is the ideal leave-in-place formwork system for external applications, such as concrete hard-standings and roadways.  The pre-installed compressible foam allows the joint to expand or contract once in place.


  • Allows for concrete contraction or expansion, depending on temperature.
  • Unique grid-cut face (patent applied for) securely anchors the joint into the concrete along the whole length.
  • Can be cut at any point without compromising strength.
  • Supplied in durable galvanised steel for weather resistance.
  • Radiused edges on the top inside corners help reduce damage to forklift wheels.
  • The sharp edge on the inside top face of each hole helps ensure a neat finish when trowelling-in.
  • Compatible with a choice of TD plate dowels.
  • A choice of straightforward installation methods.
  • Can be tailored to specific project requirements – contact our technical engineers to discuss.


  • Ideal for external applications, such as yards, hardstandings and roadways.
  • Ideal for free movement areas.
  • Suitable for use with most vehicle types.

All our products comply with the Construction Products Regulation (Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011), and hold appropriate CE marking.

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