Who We Are !

about tri scope

 about tri scope

In 1997 Tri scope was established and licensed as general contractor & goods supplier . Tri scope give a lot of care to value engineering, quality & clients satisfaction, human resourcing was a priority

Now 110 employees working in Tri scope on the pay roll as engineers , administrators ,safety supervisors & high qualified Technicians  in addition to more than 600 workers on daily payment

Tri scope currently classified as 2nd category General contractor according to the Egyptian contractors union classification, we proceeded to rase the classification to 1st within the next few months

The family spirit is a major feature of Tri scope team which not only remarked in workplace but also on the personal level


As a general contractor Tri scope providing construction contracting services through in our divisions

Integrated projects division

  • The industrial , administrative & residential concrete buildings
  • The steel structure for industrial projects
  • The infra structure projects such as cabling network, sewage networks & water supply networks

Supplementary works division

  • Industrial production lines revamping
  • Administrative spaces finishing work
  • Commercial spaces finishing work

Electro-mechanical division

  • The inner and outer electrical networks
  • Inner and outer sewage network
  • AC & ventilation network
  • Firefighting facilities & network

Specialty work division :

  • Concrete pavement
  • Epoxy & polymer flooring
  • Advanced technique waterproofing